Do You Need Same Day Service?

Then relax we’ll be there, call 1-800-685-3244 or e-mail us for Guaranteed Same Day Service*

Presto Electric offers Residential Same Day Service for:

Lights Blinking                Breakers Tripping

Outlets Sparking             Breakers Not Resetting

Breaker Box Sparking     Burning smell in fuse/breaker box

Power out to home         Power out to half of home

Power out t 1-2 rooms    Fuses Blowing

Advanced Home Safety Inspection & Wiring Certification

*Same day service guarantee is subject to the following restrictions: Calls or e-mail must be received during the hours of 7:30 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. Monday – Friday, on the same business day in order to be available for same day service. Scheduling for same day service guarantee is only provided for the following: No power going to home, power out to part of house, circuit breakers tripping, advanced home safety inspection and wiring certification, power out to 1 or several rooms, no heat, no power to air conditioner, lights going on and off, burning smell coming from outlets, circuit breaker box sparking.